Want to Make $250k Per Year Dominating Expired's... AND Be Home Every Night For Dinner?



I've made thousands of live-fire calls, sent hundreds of direct mailers and coached listing agents across the country...in today's market.

Expired Mastery Elite is the result.


Aaron Wittenstein

Husband | Father | REALTOR

Now you can use my system to dominate Expired listings in your market...without sacrificing family or free time.

Fellow agent,

Maybe you've taken other courses, maybe you've even taken my Expired Mastery 101.

Or maybe you waited too long and missed your opportunity for that live course.

Now you can get my ultimate system - Expired Mastery Elite.

Featuring the latest scripts, tactics and proven strategies to dominate Expired's in today's market.

PLUS all new scripts, objection handlers, customizable marketing materials and much more.

This isn't a rehash of what worked 10 years ago. I'm in the trenches with you every day...

Making calls, doing listing consultations and closing deals.

I know it works because I test and re-test everything, both for myself and for students in our Trajectory program from all over the country.

Now you get the benefit of all my real world testing and experiments.

Every element of my workday has been analyzed and streamlined.

Every script has been refined to a razor's edge.

Every process has been dialed in for maximum impact and efficiency.

Every letter and marketing piece has been torn down and painstakingly rebuilt from the ground up.

And you get all of it in 4 easy training sessions.

How Is the Training Delivered?

You'll join your fellow students for a fun, fast-paced hour each week for 4 weeks. First Session is Tuesday May 8th @noon ET

Zoom HD Video

Hop on one-hour Zoom video calls, or dial in by phone if you're on your way to appointments. So you never miss a session!


Interactive Format

Interact, ask questions and role play with us LIVE with a closed group of hungry, up-and-coming agents.

Easy Access

Live trainings are on Tuesdays at noon ET, and each session is recorded for future access.

What Students Are Saying

Check out the feedback from past students of Expired Mastery 101.

""BOOOOOOM! That's the impact Expired Mastery has had on my business. I am setting appointments and getting listings right away.""

Matthew Warbet- REALTOR

"One of the best investments I've made in my business yet. I have bought everything and Expired Mastery 101 is the best! "

Gennady Pikovsky

"Expired Mastery 101 has been extremely beneficial to my development. All the scripts and videos are great to have!"

Nelly Ramos

Special Bonuses

In addition to the live training sessions, you'll also receive access to special training videos, customizable documents and materials in the Expired Mastery Elite system.

[Script Videos] Expired Objection Handlers

25 videos walking you through the best answers to virtually ANY Expired objection. ($97 value)

Fully Customizable 150-Point Marketing Plan

Get my exact 150-Point Marketing Plan document in both Word and Epub format so you can easily customize with your branding and information! ($149 value)

Customizable Pre-Listing Packet

The exact Pre-Listing Packet I email to every seller before the Listing Consultation - in fully editable Word and ePub format. ($97 value)

Customizable Expired Success Portfolio

My brand new Expired Success Portfolio - a powerful demonstration of my track record of results with Expired listings.

Comes in fully editable Word and ePub formats so you can add in your own logo and success stories! ($97 value)

Red Letter Listing Sheet Strategy

I'll walk you through the exact mail campaign I use for Expired's with no contact info. ($77 value)

[Script Videos] Expired Voicemails, Follow Up, Closing & Appointment Setting

Each video breaks down my scripts for leaving voicemails from Day 1 all the way to Day 60, PLUS special videos on follow up scripting and how to close for the appointment with Expired's. ($39 value)

What if you purchased each element separately?

$149 - 150 Point Marketing Plan 

$97 - Pre-Listing Package 

$97 - Success Portfolio

$97 - Objection Handler Videos

$39 - Voicemail Videos 

$77 - Red Letter Listing Sheet Strategy 

$300/hour for consulting

That's $1679 in total value 

Expired Mastery Elite brings together all those elements into one live course. Allowing you to get all the benefits of one-on-one consulting at a fraction of the cost.

Ready To Invest In Yourself?

Live sessions start Tuesday May 8th at noon ET.

We've made it easy with payment options for every budget.



Live 4-Week Course

Access to Recorded Sessions

Lifetime Bonus Material Access




Live 4-Week Course

Access to Recorded Sessions

Lifetime Bonus Material Access


Still Unsure?

Let me take 100% of the risk with my new guarantee.

I'll Be Your ISA For A Day

If you go through the live course, and don't feel that the scripts and tactics in the course can work in your market, I'll be your ISA for a day.
I will personally call the Expired's in your market for 3 hours of call time, setting appointments for you. I'll even give you 100% of the investment back for your course.
(Standard 25% referral fee applies on any closed transactions from appointments I set for you)



Live 4-Week Course

Access to Recorded Sessions

Lifetime Bonus Material Access




Live 4-Week Course

Access to Recorded Sessions

Lifetime Bonus Material Access


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